Michael Strahan Goes Out On Top

by Ryan on June 9, 2008

in Sports

Famous New York Giants Defensive End Michael Strahan decided to retire after fifteen straight seasons, seven of which were Pro Bowl seasons.  After winning his first Super Bowl title after being an important part of the Giant’s victory over the New England Patriots.

I liked Michael Strahan.  He was a great player and had a sense of humor that translated well to advertising and public relations.  He was one of the few high-profile members of NY Giants who I actually liked.  Plus, like John Elway, he’s decided to retire while on top, not after a series of failed seasons.  Ultimately, if you can do it, this way is the better way to go.

AP photo.

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Chris June 9, 2008 at 8:02 pm

A true class act and he will be missed. During the late 90s and early 2000s, he was one of the two great players (Tiki Barber being the other). Eventhough these two men did a lot for the team, they approached their jobs and the public in two different ways. Tiki wined about his coaching, his players and at times claimed he carried the team. He then retired, wrote an “I hate Tom Coughlin book” and just so happened to watch the Giants win a Super Bowl…without him and his primadonna antics. Strahan on the other hand, was not selfish. He was a team player all the way through…gave credit to his team when they won and did not blame others when they lost…he was also an energetic interviewee and had some great chemistry with the New York Media. In the past two years, he also went through a very public and nasty divorce and held his own in front of the camera and in the limelight. He also came to play every week…not for himself, but for his team. Take it from this lifelong Giants fan: Michael Strahan is one of the great all time Giants players, #92 should be retired, he will be missed and he should be in Canton.


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