Dem Oil Bill Goes Down

by Ryan on June 10, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

Score one for capitalism today, as the Dem’s “windfall profits” tax bill couldn’t get the sixty votes needed for cloture.  Hence, the bill is dead for now.  This populist, anti-capitalist proposal underscores the success Dems have had in deflecting the issue of energy prices solely onto the producers, not the regulators.  Congress won’t let them drill, therefore Congress affects supply.  Talk to Adam Smith – he knows what’s up when it comes to the relationship between supply, demand and price.  Fourth graders know this concept too, yet the Dems somehow don’t. 

And our future fearless leaders, both McCain and Obama , decided that they were not going to participate in today’s important vote.  Truly a profile in courage on both sides.  McCain misses a huge opportunity if he and the Republicans don’t jump on this issue quickly, loudly and consistently.

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goodtimepolitics June 10, 2008 at 8:33 pm

John McCain better start attacking from all corners or he will find himself on the rope doing a weak dance! I will not vote for Obama, so I was hoping that McCain would at least give my vote a chance to be a winner! One of these canidates will run like the horse “brown” dead last! Which will it be!


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