Boston Celtics Win 17th NBA World Championship

by Mike on June 17, 2008

in Sports

The basketball world was restored to normal earlier tonight when the Boston Celtics crushed the hated Los Angeles Lakers 131-92 to win their record 17th NBA World Championship. These finals were special for the three authors of this website as we grew up in New England watching our Celtics battle with the Lakers for the title almost every year. It is even more special for the generation before us who witnessed the Celtics not only battling for the title every year, but winning it. Heck, the Celtics eightpeated from 1959-1966.

Unfortunately the last two decades have not been nearly as kind to Celtics fans. After winning the Championship in 1986, the Celtics future superstar, Len Bias, died of a cocaine overdose days after being drafted. The following year, the Celtics fell to the Lakers in the finals. Then came the the sharp and rapid decline into mediocrity. There were some playoff appearances during that time, but never any real hope. What was almost as painful was witnessing the rival Lakers win Championships while our team was on the sidelines. The last two decades have not been easy.

Tonight, the wait is over and basketball is the way it ought to be. The Celtics are on top of the world, and they got there by humiliating the Lakers.

For the next week, our site will be green in honor of the Champions.

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Chris June 17, 2008 at 10:52 pm

Nice touch with the green…congrats to the Celts…always good to see the Lakers lose.


Erik June 18, 2008 at 12:21 am

Yep, what a butt kickin it was. As a Lakers fan, I’ll have nightmares tonight.


Ryan June 18, 2008 at 8:35 am

Here I am, basking in Jersey with my green leprechaun tie! I could tell by the third quarter that the Lakers were defeated — and they knew it and played like a defeated team.

But this was not just a Laker loss, but a true Celtic win. They showed last Thursday that they had the strength, skill and fortitude to comeback from 24 points down to beat the Lakers at home — a place where the Lakers had a ten game win streak going back to the regular season. That same Celtic team showed up in Boston last night and didn’t let up for a second.

It’s truly very surreal actually celebrating a Celtics win from a team without Larry Bird on the roster. I could get used to this!


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