So John Edwards Is A Candidate Now?

by Mike on August 8, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

Today John Edwards admitted that he cheated on his cancer-stricken wife with Rielle Hunter.  When the story first broke, the MSM wouldn’t utter a peep about one of their hero’s scandal.  Conservatives argued that the media silence was based on the fact that Edwards is a Democrat.  Laughably, liberals argued that the MSM was silent because Edwards currently holds no political office and is no longer running for President.

Now that Edwards has owned up to being a scumbag,  the MSM is grudgingly covering the story despite their earlier refusal to do so.  Something isn’t right though.  As was the case before Edwards’ admission, Edwards still holds no political office and is no longer running for President.  The only fact that seems to have changed is that Edwards no longer needs the media to cover up for him.  Weird.

Check out Red State for how the New York Slimes covers Republican non-scandals and Democrat scandals.

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