He Can See Clearly Now: Bush Takes A Second Look at Putin

by Mike on August 13, 2008

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Most criticism of George W. Bush is off base and will look downright silly in a few years; however, one criticism of Bush is completely warranted. When Bush looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and saw a man he could trust, he should have done a double take. Today was the double take.

When the Soviet Union Russia invaded Georgia a couple of days ago, President Bush was a little slow in reassuring our ally that the US would stand by its side. At the very moment our ally was invaded by its former slave master, the U.S’s reaction should have been repeated statements of support coupled with actions that would make Russia take notice. Thankfully, John McCain is on record stating that Russia should be kicked out of the G8 and that the U.S. should build a missile defense system in Eastern Europe. Since it is now clear that Iran is not the only threat in the region, that would be fine with me. So would fast tracking Georgia, Ukraine and other willing members of Russia’ near abroad into NATO.

A healthy friendship with Russia is in the United States’ best interest. The thing is, a healthy friendship with the United States is also in Russia’s best interest. The world has basically ignored Russia while it whittled away at its civil liberties, armed American enemies in the Middle East, and poisoned people on foreign soil. The world’s reaction to this crisis has been reassuring. It seems that partying like its 1968 was a step too far.

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wickle August 13, 2008 at 9:36 pm

I think that this is a pretty good post. I’m a lot harder on Bush than you are in general (which is fine), but I think that any reasonable assessment of the Bush administration is probably going to find that Russia represents his biggest failure. I think that now we’re going to find out just how bad that was.


Chris August 13, 2008 at 10:37 pm

It seems to me that Putin thinks of himself as the modern day version of a Russian Tsar in the way that he has held on to the strings of power, ended the free press, and assassinated political enemies. With the recent news that Moscow continues to be the world’s most expensive city (thanks to their oil money), this incident should give the US even more reason to begin domestic exploration of oil.


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