NFL’s New Rules for 2008

by Ryan on August 13, 2008

in Sports is reporting that a few rule changes discussed in March will indeed be going into effect next season.  Among them, I liked these two: 

  1. They are getting rid of the “force out” rule — one has to honestly make the catch and come down with it in-bounds, regardless of whether the defense has knocked you out, allegedly before you had a chance to come down in-bounds.  I agree with the NFL that this rule is not consistently enforced as it has both helped and hurt every team.
  2. Also, they are not penalizing “incidental” facemasks like they did last year.  Every team has been a victim of this rule more than a few times each season.

However, there were no new rules involving handling the quarterback.  Brushing against this player can cost a team 10-15 yards!  Football is still a contact sport last time I checked and quarterbacks and the NFL needs to accept this.  However, the NFL still coddles those in this position, even though the hits quarterbacks get are not consistently called either.

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