Obama Selects Joe Biden As His Running Mate

by Mike on August 23, 2008

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With bad news going out to Governor Kaine and Senator Bayh, no 3 a.m. phone call for She Who Must Not Be Named, a private jet from Chicago landing in Delaware, and a new Secret Service detail for the dumbest U.S. Senator, indications are that Barack Obama has selected Senator Joe Biden as his running mate.

Other than the fact that Biden is is a dim-witted hothead who suffers from diarrhea of the mouth, plagiarized his way through law school, plagiarized his way through his 1988 campaign, exaggerated his academic accomplishments to New Hampshire voters, and hails from a tiny blue state Obama will carry anyway, Obama made a great pick.

I can’t wait until Biden displays that trademark grin after saying something stupid that he, and he alone, thinks is genius. What a lucky break for John McCain.

Pic via Moonbattery

UPDATE: CNN confirms.

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Ryan August 23, 2008 at 10:01 am

This could be very fun to watch! I think that Obama couldn’t have picked SWMNBN because he’d have to hire a food-tester and would never be the first one to turn on his car. However, Biden is probably the best he could do given the circumstances. He’ll attack McCain, but like you have aptly sourced, Biden is open to many criticisms. They’ll undoubtedly be muted next week with all the McCain “house” jokes, but the RNC will make sure everybody knows about Joe Biden.

Remember he was the main proponent for partitioning Iraq back in the day — a horrible defeatist solution that would have absolutely meant war-without-end in Iraq and guaranteed Iranian hegemony in the region. Like Obama, when given the choice, Biden would have taken us down the wrong path. So, if Obama is choosing him for foreign policy experience, Biden’s weaknesses are plentiful and exploitable.


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