Domestic Drilling Victory — For Now

by Sal on September 19, 2008

in Economy,Election 2008,Politics

Drill, Drill, Drill has been the campaign mantra of the Republicans. Now, in what is seen as a victory, temporary though it may be, the so-called gang of 20 sham “compromise” legislation willl not be introduced this year.  With the House passing its own more expansive plan for drilling (although still more of a sham than what is needed) the Republicans on the gang of 10 didn’t want to be “to the left of Nancy Pelosi” on this issue. 

Now, the Senate will likely not renew the ban on domestic drilling when it expires on Oct. 1.  The Democrats, however, state that they will take it up and reinstate the ban after the election.  What a talking-point for McCain.  The Democrats want to reinstate the ban, and Barack along with them.  McCain should propose to veto any attempt at that to keep our gas prices from going up even further.

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