“N’Obama” on SNL “No Funny”

by Ryan on September 21, 2008

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Hot Air has posted last night’s SNL skit depicting John McCain as willing to approve any ad whatsoever, despite to the obvious distortions, lies, or ridiculousness.  However, the truth is something a bit different, which makes the skit not so funny. 

This editorial by the New Hampshire Union Leader articulates the larger point as to why the skit’s not so funny:  it’s not true.  For satire to be funny, it needs an element of truth.  McCain’s had some in-your-face ads to be sure, but they’ve nearly all been completely based in Obama’s voting record, his statements on the campaign trail, or the actual and quantifiable fawning of the MSM all over him. 

SNL missed the whole point and opened their show last night sending out a vibe too much like the real point of view at MSNBC than a satirical comedy show.

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