America, Here Is Socialized Medicine

by Sal on September 22, 2008

in Politics

There have been numerous studies, posts, and other related information over the years on the problems of Socialized medicine in countries around the world.  Most of these cite the lack of quality care, massive buerocracy, and long waiting periods to see a doctor.  Yet the Democrats and the Media Elite continue to push for this massive government takeover of our Health Care System. 

The examples thus far of problems with Socialized medicine have been from European nations, Canada, and Australia.  Now, however, we have an example close to home.  In 2006, Massachusetts enacted mandatory health insurance, requiring all citizens of the state to carry full health care coverage (thus excluding the option to cover catestrophic-insurance only plans).  For those who couldn’t afford it, the state would provide it based on certain income-levels.  Now, two years later, we are seeing the beginnings of the same problems that long-running European systems are experiencing.  As reported by the Boston Globe today, there is now a shortage of Primary Care Physicians in the state, and the average wait-time to see a PCP is  now up to 100 days.  

How does the MA Legislature react in the face of this tilt towards the same problems seen in system after system of Socialized medicine?  Increased government intervention in the private sector, including subsidies to Doctors to help pay for their Mortgages (just what we need — more Government intervention into the Mortgage Market) and to pay for their student loans.   What will it take for the Left to learn that this type of system just doesn’t work?

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