Gordon Brown Appeases Labour, For Now

by Mike on September 23, 2008

in UK Politics

Gordon Brown addressed the annual Labour Party Conference earlier today (or yesterday if you’re over there) and even though he delivered an OK speech, the Conservatives should be very happy when reading between the lines. Badly trailing the Conservatives for about a year now, it is hardly news when Brown attacks David Cameron as inexperienced. It is quite another matter when the Prime Minister’s critique of “novices” is interpreted as an attack against his own Foreign Minister and possible replacement, David Miliband.

At this point, Brown’s challenge is not to figure out a way to defeat David Cameron’s Conservatives, though the opposition would easily win if an election was held today. No, Brown’s challenge is to make sure that his own party doesn’t replace him before he even has a chance to face off against Cameron. After losing multiple by-elections, even if the safest of safe seats, Brown has to continually look over his shoulder while also fighting a revitalized opposition. According to the Telegraph, Brown’s leash is pretty short:

Even those Cabinet ministers who have remained loyal to Mr Brown have told the Daily Telegraph that he has until next June to show he can turn around Labour’s fortunes. Some MPs in Manchester have privately been calling for Mr Brown to be removed sooner, but last night bookmakers lengthened the odds on him being replaced.

So Brown seems to have temporarily stopped at least the internal bleeding with his speech; however, Labour is still in trouble. On the one hand, their standard bearer is Gordon Brown. On the other hand, replacing him would leave Labour led by an unelected Prime Minister after disposing of two of their own behind closed doors. The door to Number 10 is wide open for David Cameron.

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Chris September 23, 2008 at 11:15 pm

Whenever I hear Brown speak, I think buffoon. His unwillingness to hold elections last year makes me think he’s afraid of losing…and afraid of David Cameron, probably the greatest potential of greatness in the Conservative Party after The Great Barroness Thatcher. While he’s holding on for now, we may soon see elections if he can’t hold Labour together.

On another Gordon Brown topic, I’m quite troubled about his willingness to inject himself in the Presidential Election . As I said, he’s a buffoon.


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