Dear Demoralized Republicans,

by Ryan on September 25, 2008

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Since “the sky is falling” seems to be the only thing I’m hearing from many Republicans this week, I am writing this post to share some perspective with you.  John Podhoretz writes this piece today asking everyone to chill out and take a breath for a moment.  I agree with him, and so should you.

Now, scroll down to Sal’s “What’s in a Poll?” post, read it and the comments, then come back.

[Cue Elevator Music]

OK.  Got all that?

As you now know, the polls lately have not been in our favor and I do believe that McCain-Palin have lost some momentum in the last ten days.  But, the first debate is only “postponed” not cancelled and who does that really effect in the end?  Is your life seriously altered as a result?  Remember, the polls had Jimmah up 30 points on Ford in September 1976, yet Jimmah only won by 2.1 points.  And as Podhoretz argues, it’s the really only the pundit class that is hyperventilating over all of McCain’s recent actions and the numerous bunk polls which happen to favor their candidate.

So relax.  Give it some time.  Maybe the debate postponement will benefit us in some way, maybe Obama will gaffe during those debates, maybe an “October Surprise” from Reverend Wright will make this smooth sailing.  

Who knows?  Right now, there’s nothing we can do but watch, call Congress and yell about the socialist $700 billion scheme, and keep on keepin’ on.

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