Let Sarah Be Sarah

by Mike on September 26, 2008

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Like most conservatives, we here at Axis of Right are intellectually honest. So in the words of our party’s Presidential candidate, it’s time for some straight talk. Sarah Palin was downright awful in her recent interview with Katie Couric on SeeBS, and frankly, we could see it coming. The Sarah Palin we’ve seen on the stump during the past two weeks or so is not the same Sarah Palin that has wowed the State of Alaska for two years. Here are the clips from the Couric interview.


Sure, her instincts are solid. Of course lowering taxes and limiting government is sound policy. Of course the United States should always side with Israel against its terrorist-sponsoring neighbors. Of course the unborn should be protected. Palin always has and still believes in these things; the trouble is, she hasn’t been very articulate in explaining her positions like she was in Alaska before being placed on the ticket.

One of the biggest mistakes a campaign can make is to overprep a candidate and it is clear the McCain campaign is overprepping Palin. Fortunately, this is fixable. In 2000, President George W, Bush was overprepped before his first debate and it showed. Fortunately in that case, Al Gore was such a jerk no one cared. Even more instructive was Ronald Reagan’s first debate against Walter Mondale in 1984 in which Reagan sounded a lot like Palin in the Couric interview. At the time, many people honestly questioned whether RONALD REAGAN was not cut out for the job. In both of those instances, the candidate’s handlers recognized that cramming facts and figures into a competent candidate’s head was counterproductive and allowed the candidate to be himself.

All McCain needs to do is to allow Palin to be herself and I think he will. Palin was popular in Alaska for a reason, she supported the right policies and defended them very well. Here’s an interview Palin gave on energy.

The real Palin is a solid conservative and a fabulous interviewer. Like even the best politicians however, she needs to be herself. Many on the right are taking notice. I think the McCain campaign will take K-Lo’s advice:

If Sarah Palin is John McCain’s secret weapon, let her go, whoever is holding her back. And, frankly, if it turns out that the “authentic” Palin of rallies and the Republican convention is just good speech delivery in a woman with some good spirit, I want to know that sooner rather than later. (Mitt’s still available. Someone in Washington who can actually run a business and knows something about the economy will come in handy once the federal government owns the U.S. banking system.) But if the Palin we know and love and have projected our hopes for sanity in American politics is the real Sarah Palin — then come out from the shadows, woman. You’re the one who is going to win this election. Be yourself. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Relax. Sarah will be fine. Pretty soon, we may find the left kicking itself for underestimating her.

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Chris September 26, 2008 at 6:01 pm

She is the reason why conservatives are behind McCain. McCain will always pull that “maverick” garbage (and I think today he’s realizing that his “friends” across the aisle in the Senate aren’t his friends), but holding her back is holding his campaign back.


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