Congress Needs to Go

by Sal on September 27, 2008

in Politics

With the current mess that is the Democrat-controlled congress, and still living in the shadows of what was a dysfunctional Republican congress just two years ago, The Anchoress posted today an old column that was written back in the 1980s by Charlie Reese, entitled The 545 people responsible for all U.S. Woes.  In it, he writes about how Congress, the Senate, and the President is responsible for all of this nation’s problems. 

Now, there have been and are good Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents.  Many have good intentions, and there are those who are really looking out for the best interests of the country.  But most are just looking to get reelected and perpetuate their own power, and that shows with Congress’ record-low approval ratings.  The remedy to all this would be to re-introduce the case for term limits.  By doing away with career politicians and the Washington elite-class, America would hopefully return to citizen-politicians who went to Washington with an idea of service to country, and who’s sole focus was not re-election.  blems

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Ryan September 28, 2008 at 10:01 am

I agree with Sal here. I think that we’re in a short-term anti-Republican wave right now, but as Mitt Romney said in his RNC speech: even the Republicans presided over Liberal, activist government, meaning that true Conservative government really has yet to be tried and would be a radically different approach. Real change, in fact, not simply Empty Suit populist rhetoric.

On term limits: I noticed how the Cato report indicated a shrinking percentage in Congressional turnover around the time that the first successful big-government movement took hold: the Progressives of the early 20th Century. Ever since government has done more, the people in it want to and have stuck around longer. By the mid-20th Century, it became normal for career politicians to remain. This also coincided with the growing power of lobbyist groups (by the way I think lobbyists are completely protected under the 1st Amendment).

Lobbyism was truly injected into our system in its modern form during the New Deal. With FDR trying to play to as many groups as possible in order to form a majority coalition, everyone was eligible to get a piece of the pie as long as they helped on Election Day (notice how traditionally leaning Republican Midwestern states got substantially more help from the government during the Depression in election years — the government as a “vote-buyer”). Interest group politics of the modern era was born from the economically lacking New Deal. These groups and their elected officials of course both wanted power so an accomodation was reached that has had long reaching effects.

My representative in the New jersey 12th District is Democrat Rush Holt. Every year he sends a pamphlet cataloguing what he’s done for the district: the poor places are still poor, the bad school still stink, the congested traffic areas are still congested, the badly plowed streets are still poorly plowed in the winter, but my God, look at all the pork he’s brought home to my district. He’s trying to buy our votes by doling our government projects. This concept did not exist 100 years ago because the national government was (believe it or not) designed to help national issues. The states and town used to deal with bridges, plowing, and schools.

Term limits would reduce the power of lobbyists and attract more people less intersted in power and more interested in the public good.


Go America October 21, 2008 at 10:34 pm



John October 21, 2008 at 11:35 pm

Hey Sal and Ryan, Nothing is ever going to change unless we kick out the liberal bush republicans. These are the same clowns that left our borders wide open, ran a budget deficit and doubled the national debt under 8 years of bush…and we lost our Pro-Life majority. I thought the first line of defense in the war on terror was that you defend our borders first… Our budget should’ve been balanced every year and the tax code should have been scrapped… How I miss the republican revolution of 1994-2000. Also bushy cont to support the same old marxist education system… Why did we elect this idiot after his daddy was a miserable failure for the gop…I’LL GO INSANE IF I HEAR THEM MENTION BUSH AND THE FUTURE OF THE GOP IN THE SAME SENTENCE.

lOOK AT GIULIANI WHO WAS MORE LIBERAL than the majority of democrats before he ran for pres and flip-flopped, then romney who flip-floped to suit his ambition to run for president as well, and now we have to settle for old liberal mccain…THESE ARROGANT PARTY CHAIRPERSONS THAT WORKED TO KEEP ALAN KEYES OUT OF THE DEBATES…OUR PARTY IS DYING B/C WE ARE TRYING TO BE LIKE THE DEMOCRATS…

THE NEXT LEADERS OF THE GOP HAVE GOT TO BE YOUNG ENERGIZED TRUE CONSERVATIVES AND NOTHING LESS…not the OLD bush dynasty, not the OLD bob doles and super OLD mccain…all who think they are to self-entitled to be the next in line based on seniority…The structure of the party establishment is facilitating this…OVERTHROW THEM ALL NOW IN THE NAME OF CONSERVATIVE CHANGE!


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