Luntz Focus Group = Obama Wins

by Ryan on September 27, 2008

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Frank Luntz’s focus group had a number of things to say last night after the first Presidential debate between McCain and Obama.  Here’s the video link.

Most of the group of undecided voters generally liked what Obama had to say more than McCain.  I was put off by their focus on Obama’s style and empty populist promises. 

Some lefty pundits are saying this morning that if the debate was a tie, it goes to Obama.  Others had a different point of view.  I seem to be hearing that if Obama can make himself look like a possible Commander-in-Chief, he comes out ahead. I’m not convinced of that, but on the Debate itself, I don’t think it was a tie at all – Obama nearly looked ready to cry by the end of the night.

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September 27, 2008 at 12:11 pm

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