WARNING: ACORN Voter Fraud Alert

by Ryan on September 28, 2008

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The community organization ACORN ( Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now ) has had a real pattern of voter fraud through a history of sketchy registration practices and embezzlement.  They are die-in-the-wool Democrats rooting for Barack Obama obviously.  ACORN also has successfully gotten their hands into a Congressional slush fund designed to hook up low-income people with risky home-loans.  Believe it or not, the Dems are even trying to continue to hook up their ACORN buddies in a version of the Bailout Plan still being debated!  Shameless.

It’s completely outrageous and an investigation should take place before election day, since the potential for ACORN to mess with polling nationwide is probable especially if the election is close.   By the way, they also have history with Barack Obama as their attorney back in the day.

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Douglas Lindsey October 8, 2008 at 4:18 pm

States do not validate US citizenship when people register to vote. The California, Nevada, New Mexico and Florida non-citizen vote will put John McCain in the White House. The Democrats who have allow non-citizens to vote since HAVA 2002 (only a utility bill as a means of identification meets the standards outline by HAVA 2002) are now indirectly allowing non-citizens to elect John McCain to be the next President. Non-citizen Hispanics will not vote for Obama and they do not tell people taking the polls who they are going to vote for because the are under the radar, remember the States DO NOT VALIDATE US CITIZENSHIP when people register to vote and rarely prosecute because liberal judges will not find them guilty unless they admit their guilt so there not fear of getting caught. John McCain will be the next President of the United States not because of White Racism but non-citizens who think Blacks (in their mind) are getting a free ride, while they have to work at slave labor wages. Remember the TV ads directed at Spanish speaking voters, to be a citizen you have a basic understanding of the English language these ads where for the non-citizen Spanish speaking voter.

Stand by on election night when Barrack Obama has up to 8 point leads in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Florida and then John McCain wins those STATES.

I go my Senate voting data at http://www.SenateReports.com


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