Homer Simpson “Changes” Vote

by Ryan on October 2, 2008

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1290 WJNO found this Live Leak video of an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, set for the Sunday before Election Day, where Homer tries to vote for Obama, but ends up voting for McCain multiple times before the machine chews him up and spits him out bloodied.  It’s a funny scene with a preemptive slight on Ohio and another hit on the “change” theme.  Grampa’s sign in the clip is the best!

It’s funnier than anything on SNL this season, and funnier than what most Simpsons episodes have been recently.  The only danger for those of us on the Right is that it reflects the perceptions of the pop culture which the MSM plays up — Obama is for “change” and has lots of money, while McCain won’t be able to win honestly because he has no shot anyway.

Or maybe the subtle message is this:  Homer Simpson is voting for Obama.  What could the writers be inferring about Obama’s supporters — regular Joe’s or drunk, irresponsible rubes?  I’ll have to chew on that one.

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