Vice-Presidential Debate Preview

by Sal on October 2, 2008

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Tonight is the Vice-Presidential Debate between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden, and prayers are with Sarah today as she prepares.  This is an important debate in that Sarah’s image has deteriorated somewhat due to all of the media attacks and a poor interview with the Perky-one, Katie Couric.  Looking at Sarah’s Alaska Gubernatorial debates, one sees that she can hold her own in a debate.  


So, for what it’s worth, here’s my 5-points of advice to Sarah Palin heading into tonight’s debate:

  1. Acknowledge Areas of Uncertainty and Focus on Executive Experience:  Sarah will come off better if she acknowledges areas that she is uncertain of.  She needs to remind people that she is running for Vice-President, and an executive position, and the job of a good executive is to have sound, guiding principles, and to surround oneself with advisers who know the details. 
  2. Speak of Principles, not policy:  It is better for Sarah to focus on well-formed and thought out Conservative Principles.  Small Government, lower taxes, protecting our nation, individual liberty, and to take those and apply them to any policy question asked. 
  3. Turn questions against the opposition:  With the Gaffe machine, Joe Biden, it will be easy.  Sarah should remind people that Biden suggested sending a blank, $200 million-dollar check to Iran after 9/11, and that it is not patriotic to raise taxes.  By going on the offense, she may provoke Biden into yet another huge gaffe. 
  4. Say it with a Smile:  Sarah came off as a normal, real person in her Convention Speech.  She needs to convey this again throughout the debate.  She should also not make a major issue of Gwen Ifill’s bias and conflict of interest, unless it is in the form of a brief, humorous yet pointed quip. 
  5. Be Herself:  Sarah just needs to be Sarah; no amount of debate prep can help her with this.  America wants to get to know her, she needs to present herself, not some McCain campaign facade. 

As usual, we will be LiveBlogging the debate tonight, beginning at 8:45 PM EST.  Hope to see you then!

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