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by Sal on October 7, 2008

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This past Saturday, SNL had a funny and dead-on skit about the bailout bill.  It was staged as a press conference featuring President Bush, Speaker Pelosi, and Rep. Barney Frank, and also featured an appearance by George Soros.  The skit does a very good job at looking at the primary people who caused the mess, from people who really had no business buying homes, to speculators who made fortunes on the market.  Most damning, however, is how the skit pins the whole sub-prime mess on the Democrats:

Bush: W-w-w-w-ait. Wasn’t it my administration that warned about the problem six years ago? And it was the Democrats that refused to listen?!

Pelosi: What? Who told you that? That’s crazy. It was completely the other way around.

Frank: Actually. This time, he’s sort of right.

Pelosi: Shhh! Don’t say anything. He doesn’t know.

The skit was viewable on NBC’s SNL page — until yesterday.  The skit has since been taken down, and now any comments looking for the missing skit are being deleted from the NBC Message Boards.

This is censorship at its peak.  Why is NBC taking the skit down?  Some are speculating that it is a result of a lawsuit from the yuppie-liberal couple depicted in the skit who made a fortune on sub-prime mortgages, others speculating George Soros.  While both of these may have merit, it is also interesting that the skit disappeared the evening after McCain started talking up the Democrat’s role in the sub-prime crisis.  NBC has been fairly in-the-tank for Obama this year, and if nothing else, this only fuels that narrative.  NBC should re-post the parody for all to see, just as they are highlighting the VP Debate sketch which mocks Sarah Palin’s western accent and colloquialisms.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin is reporting that the skit will be back online soon, albeit edited to remove the “They should be shot” line in the sketch.  I happen to agree with this change.  It is in poor taste considering that the people in question were real people and not just parodies.  However, we shall wait and see if that is all that is edited.  I would think that after all the uproar that has ensued, they will make sure that it is the only item removed.

UPDATE II: NBC is officially in-the-tank for the Democrats.  Besides removing the above-mentioned “They Should be Shot line”, they also removed the line that accuses Rep. Barney Frank of blocking oversight.

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