“That One”

by Ryan on October 8, 2008

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Last night, when trying to point out Obama’s voting record on a 2005 energy bill, John McCain referred to The One as “that one.”   Every line is potentially an issue in today’s hyper-charged environment!

To those of us who don’t look at every gesture at these debates under an electron microscope, it seemed harmless enough.  But it did remind me of Grandpa talking to one of his old buddies about some guy who recently irked him about something.  Or Grandpa complaining to a half-asleep Grandma about some jerk on the news.  It was very “old-man” to me, which unfortunately seems to fit McCain’s image.

In school today, one of my students said McCain was potentially being racist because of the line.  I instructed the young skull-full-of-mush that McCain is not a racist and his statement was probably only meant to be a condescending way to underscore Obama’s limited experience. 

I didn’t hear any racism in that phrase and those who were looking for some kind of racist beast to emerge out of the head of the war-hero probably heard what they wanted to hear anyway.  The mantra’s already spreading that if Obama loses, it’s because America’s racist, and riots may even ensue.  Don’t the Libs have such a high opinion of the voters!  Who’s side is using the ”fear” card now?

Yet, it was condescending, but perhaps more because Obama is used to being referred to as “The One” rather than “That One.”  To an ego as large yet fragile as Obama’s, the “that“ in question might really hurt, which probably led strategist David Axelrod to deem the phrase “odd” when asked about it later.

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