Obama Voter Fraud

by Sal on October 9, 2008

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The Democrat Party has a long tradition of Voter Fraud, and this year is no exception.  Much of the current controversy has surrounded groups like ACORN, which is a “community organizing” group that has a history of supporting Voter Fraud.  ACORN is particularly interesting this year due to Obama’s long-standing connections with ACORN.  In fact, the Obama campaign this year has given ACORN approximately $832,000 to organize “voter-registration efforts”.  This has led to numerous obvious examples of Voter Fraud in several states

Indiana:  This year in Indianapolis, it appears that more people may vote than ever.  In fact, it has 677,401 registered voters.  The problem is, the voting age population of Indianapolis is only 644,197.  That means that there are almost 33,204 more registered voters than adults living in Indianapolis, or to put it another way, 105% of adults in Indianapolis have registered to vote.  I guess the dead really do vote.  In addition, ACORN had attempted to register approximately 1,100 proven fradulent registrations

Wisconson:  A potential swing-state, convicted felons are violating election law by attempting to register or actually registering to vote

Connecticut:  ACORN organizers have produced many fraudulent registrations, including one for a 7-year old girl (listed as 27 on the registration card). 

Missouri:  In another battleground state that is critical for McCain, the FBI is investigating yet more allegations of fraud by ACORN, including:

  • Non-existent addresses
  • No address at all on registrations
  • Invalid Drivers License Numbers
  • Invalid Social Security Numbers

Nevada:  In Nevada, ACORN had its offices raided by state police over Voter Fraud allegations

Voter Fraud is one of the things that Community Organizing is all about, and it is what Barack Obama played a part in while “Community Organizing’ in Chicago in the early 1990s.  It is no wonder that it seems more rampant this year than ever before.  Republicans have to be on the lookout for this fraud to ensure that the election is fair, and not stolen and handed to the most radical man to ever run for the Presidency.

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Ryan October 9, 2008 at 2:19 pm

Some have rumored that RICO is getting involved with ACORN’s interstate voter fraud campaign. I wonder what they might dig up… I’m pretty sure that Obama is also wondering.


Howard October 10, 2008 at 2:49 pm

I, like many Americans believe that character, honesty, and integrity really do go to the foundation of who the next president should be.Obama is ahead in the polls because Obama is dramatically outspending McCain with television advertising … he has a biased media in the tank, who provides him with more and better exposure, and editorial endorsement … Obama has 96% of the black vote … he enjoys the relentless support of a completely biased entertainment industry, plus the left wing educational community, plus massive illegal, or unethical fund raising, and voter registration drives, by groups like Acorn … not to mention the fact that thanks to democratic propaganda, McCain has to carry Bush’s weight. At this point in time, many Americans are also beginning to question the validity of the POLLS. Are they skewed, like the biased media? Do they truly reflect reality? Are the sample groups mostly black voters? If the Democrats are so sure they’ve already won, how come they keep trying so hard to make the rest of us believe it? Just like they did against Hillary! There is a good chance that if we can keep voter fraud out of this election, that on November 4th, the actual voters, in the privacy of their booths, will elect McCain/Palin, by a comfortable margin. If you vote for Obama, you are also voting for voter fraud and a crooked media.
On November 4th cast your vote for McCain/Palin !!!


Michael Salinger October 10, 2008 at 11:15 pm

Howard, I am amazed at how much of a free pass Obama is getting. Sarah Palin gets plastered all over the MSM for doing something that she had a right to do, and had legitimate reason to do, but the lawyer who investigated thinks that the tasergate eposide must have played a role.

Yet Obama consipres to commit Voter Fraud, has close associations with terrorists and racists, has worked to undermine current U.S. foreign policy, and is the most Socialist-leaning person to run for the President on a major party ticket.

What is the world coming to?


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