Judicial Malpractice – Gay Marriage in Connecticut

by Sal on October 10, 2008

in Culture,Judicial Watch,Politics

The Connecticut State Supreme Court has ruled in a 4-3 decision that Gay Marriages are now legal in the state.  Connecticut becomes the third state to allow Gay marriage, after Massachusetts and California

If one glances at the current landscape, not a single U.S. State Legislative Body or single ballot initiative in the country has granted the right to same sex couples.  There are some who believe that this would be a good policy.  I happen to strongly disagree.  But regardless of your arguments on the merits, the fact of the matter is that issues such as this should not be decided by seven unelected lawyers.  These judges position themselves as Philosopher-Kings, deciding what they see as right and just in the world.  What if they saw that slavery was right and just, or child pornography?  The point is, a judges role is to decide cases according to the law, not to determine the law.  Let’s have arguments, debate the merit, and then vote, either through our elected representatives, or through ballot initiatives.  We need to take back our country from the philosopher-kings.

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Ryan October 10, 2008 at 8:14 pm

Just wait until we become an Obama Nation (shudder to think). Who cares about democracy in Lefty-Land? Elected legislatures and ballot initiatives just get in the way of agenda-driven judicial dictates!


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