Market Rollercoaster — With Beer!

by Ryan on October 10, 2008

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Word was going around after lunch today that the market took another nosedive and was getting even worse.  As the day ended, Friday drinks were in order, and since most of us had to be back to school for various anniversary celebrations, a short teacher “reflection” meeting at the local bar was appropriate.

When we made it to the libations around 3pm, the market had been down roughly 500 at that point.  We rolled up to the bar ordered a pint of Yuengling (the local pub beer) and watched various pre-game Phillies shows, NFL Live and silent horse racing. 

However, way in the corner of the bar Fox News was blaring live market updates from “Studio B.”  I swear, every time my friend and I took a long swig, the market lurched up tremendously.  By 3:30pm the market had bounced roughly 800 points to +310 on the day! 

It was uncanny: we were being cheered on by the local barflies to keep it up in some twisted market-oriented drinking game, friends were on their blackberries emailing others to check out the market, other folks were basking in a happy shock staring at the numbers in the corner of a remote screen.  To be honest, it was the most fun I’ve had watching the stock market (if ever watching the stock market can be fun). 

Yet, all good things must come to an end.  I had finished my Yuengling and went to Sam Light since I had to be back at work shortly.  Wouldn’t you know it – I jinxed the markets.  They began to fluctuate and drop.  By 4pm, the market dropped to minus 128 for the day.  The cheer was gone, the bills were paid, the tips were laid, and off we went back to the grind.

The moral of the story is:  watch the stock market with friends while drinking; it’s one of the few ways it can be fun nowadays, and certainly takes the edge off.  (FYI– My latest 403b statement has me down 17% below my initial investments…ugh… pass me another beer and make it stop!)

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Mike October 11, 2008 at 3:22 pm

Yeah. There’s nothing like unwinding at a bar after a long day or week at work . . . wait a minute . . . 3 P.M. did you say? Wow. What a tough time you teachers have.


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