Obama Undermining Foreign Policy

by Sal on October 10, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

The Washington Times has a story today outlining how Obama tried to thwart our foreign policy by attempting to convince the Iraqi government to hold off on any agreement on troop presence / withdrawal until after the January elections.  The story has been rumored before, but this story has the testimony of a named source – the iraqi ambassador to the United States, Samir Sumaidaie.  The conversation took place between Obama and Iraqi foreign ministry secretary Hoshyar Zebari. 

This is the height of arrogant presumption.  For Obama to interfere in a potential foreign policy agreement, undermining the current Commander-in-Chief, is despicable.  Obama was attempting to undermine progress in Iraq for his own political purposes, potentially harming the mission in Iraq and our soldiers in the process.

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