Ohio Secretary of State Violates Election Law

by Sal on October 10, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

A Federal Judge has ruled that Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (D-OH) has repeatedly violated federal election law by not validating the identifications of those registered to vote.  The judge ordered Brunner to cross-check new registrations against the State Department of Motor Vehicle Database and/or the Federal Social Security Database.  Brunner is refusing to comply and appealing the decision. 

As stated in several previous posts, Democrats are the ones primarily responsibile for Voter Fraud, and this year, it seems more rampant than ever.  There has been rampant voter registration of the homeless multiple times, as well as the effort to suppress Republican votes.  Jennifer Brunnershould be impeached and prosecuted for blatant violation of her oath of office.  Criminals like Brunner have no right to be in elected office.  In addition, every allegation of fraud in this country, by ACORN or others, should be aggressively investigated and quashed, as much as possible before election day.  We need to be sure that the elections are fair, and that the people’s voice is heard.  Voter fraud problems such as this undermine our Democratic Republic, and dilute the vote of all law-abiding citizens.

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