The Real Hatred is on the Left

by Sal on October 12, 2008

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The Media over the last few days has been decrying the so-called hatred and vitriolic comments coming from the right.  While there are certainly some instances of this, it is few and far between, and doesn’t exist among the majority of Conservatives.  In fact, the media is overblowing the comments of people at McCain / Palin rallies, and misquoting supporters, making the comments sound worse than they actually were

The tensions have been rising this past month, but it is not the McCain campaign or Conservative Republicans where the hatred lies.  Michelle Malkin does a great job documenting the hatred from the left, including: 

  • Celebrities such as Madonna and Sarah Bernhard saying that they will “kick Sarah Palin’s ass” and that she will be gang-raped if she came to NYC. 
  • An Abort Sarah Palin sign
  • Numerous “Kill Bush” signs
  • Numerous examples of liberals arrested for threatening actions

And much more.  The column is worth a read to see where the real hatred is.  And while there are a very small minority of those who are spewing their hatred from the Right, there are many, many examples of those who spew their hatred from the left.  Tell me again which side started the hate-filled comments?

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Jenn of the Jungle October 12, 2008 at 4:11 pm

I have had insane deranged leftist nut jobs find out my place of employment and call my employer telling them I am a terrorist. I have received e-mails from them threatening to kill me, my dog and my family. I have gotten spammed by them on my blog, one time over 300 comments in one day from a deranged lefty.

Once when I was raising money for the ASPCA a Moonbat called the ASPCA and told them I was an anti-American terrorist. They have researched me, stalked me and harassed me in every conceivable way.

Yet I have never even thought of doing that. Not once.

Yes,the real hatred is on the left.


Chris October 12, 2008 at 6:33 pm

And it’s also those on the left that post vile, hateful stuff on the Ineternet when a Conservative falls ill (Cheney) or passes away (Tony Snow). Nothing like that happened on our side when Teddy Kennedy was diagnosed with cancer.


Ryan October 12, 2008 at 9:31 pm

It’s been said often (by Mike) that the Democrats are the evil party and the Republicans are the stupid party. The Dems have shown that they are willing to use our troops as a political tool, so we should not be surprised by anything they try to do in these last three weeks.

That being said, the Republicans are living up to their “stupid” reputation if they think that remaining on the high-ground will yield anything but failure — remember Bush’s “new tone”? Well it only works if both groups play. Dems only saw that as weakness and exploited it anyway.

As de facto leader of the stupid party, McCain is slowly learning that if he wants to win, he has to play hardball. We don’t need to lie or wish death on anyone (that’s the Dems m.o.), but a frank repeated discussion of the facts will be quite enough if presented in a forceful and air-tight way. If all McCain’s talking about is Obama’s record and McCain’s solutions, then the MSM will have to report some of it eventually.


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