Why Can’t McCain Run Ads Like This?

by Sal on October 15, 2008

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Many conservatives (myself included) have been frustrated that the McCain camp can’t get the message out on Obama and his Liberalism.  We have felt that the media was giving him a free pass. 

An independent group called Let Freedom Ring has begun to release ads in key battleground states and national cable and network spots.  The campaign has a budget of $5M, the largest of any single advocacy group.  If these ads can reach voters before election day, I am sure that it will have a huge impact.  The ads can be found at Let Freedom Ring’s sub-site, neverfindout.org

These ads are some of the most clear and concise ads about the choice that lies before us on November 4.  Why can’t the McCain campaign get its act together and play ads with the same clear, messages about who Barack Obama is and what he really stands for? 

Below are a few of my favorates, but be sure to go to the sites above and check out the rest. 

Part of the Problem

Income Taxes



There are another nine ads on the site.  They are all brilliant, and part of me wanted to post them all.  These ads should have impact as we approach November 4. 

Which ad is your favorite, and why?

Hat tip to Gatewaypundit for finding this site. 

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Mike October 15, 2008 at 9:59 am

I can’t really watch the vids where I am now, but I recently saw the tax one. Luntz focus groups show it to be the most effective ad this cycle. McCain needs to hammer Obama on taxes.


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