John Murtha Calls Constituents “Racist” Then Cancels Debate

by Ryan on October 16, 2008

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John Murtha is not an honorable man.  We all know about the slander of our Marines in Haditha, over which Murtha is currently being sued.  That’s just the start with this guy’s recent shenanigans.

Well, he stepped in it again by inferring that Western PA (where his district is located) has so many racists who won’t vote for Obama under any circumstance that PA will be closer than it otherwise would be.  Might their sentiment have something to do with Obama essentially calling them ”bitter clingers” a few months back?  

Nah!  It must be racism!  Racism and “spreading the wealth” are the Left’s knee-jerk reactions to everything.

Murtha apologized today, but has indicated that he won’t be debating his opponent, Bill Russell, tonight.  Not just a jerk, but a coward who seems to detest the very people he wants votes from! 

Murtha is a perfect example of our need for term-limits in Congress.

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