What Happened to Peggy?

by Sal on October 17, 2008

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During this particular campaign, there has been a steady rise of Conservative elitism and defection to support a candidate who is the antithesis of what Conservatism is supposed to stand for.  While there is much good debate within the Conservative movement, the trend lately is to thumb down noses at those who do not agree with the Conservative Intelligentsia.

Nowhere is this more dissapointing to me than the case of Peggy Noonan.  I have thoroughly enjoyed Peggy’s comments since I was in college in the late 1990s.  She had an eloquence about her, a command of the English language that conveyed so much in such a short space.  It is no wonder that she was involved in crafting some of the great speeches of Ronald Reagan.  Her post-911 columns especially were food for the soul during a time of great crisis and pain for our nation.

This election cycle, however, Peggy is displaying the signs of being an elitist.  It started at the convention where she made a comment about how the Sarah Palin pick was a bunch of political bull***t.  At the time, I took and accepted her explanation at face value, given her history in the Conservative movement and the Republican party.  Then, more recently, she was on MSNBC, stating that she hadn’t made up her mind who to vote for (I don’t see how any true Conservative could even consider voting for the most liberal Presidential candidate we’ve ever had running for one of the two major parties).

Today, Peggy wrote a column entitled “Palin’s Failin’” which criticized Sarah Palin for not standing for anything.  Peggy claims that Palin is not someone who is a thinker, and that she rattles off speeches and talking points, not deep, political thought.  Putting that issue aside for a moment, Peggy should keep in mind that Sarah is working for the McCain campaign, and must do her job, and follow McCain in his line of thinking.  This may preclude her from preaching her own philosophy as readily as she would like.  To state that she isn’t guded by one is not becoming of Peggy’s past work.

In addition, I disagree with Peggy’s premise.  I have seen much over the course of this campaign that shows Palin’s philosophy.  It is definately more conservative than that of McCain’s.  She is a regular, every-day person who speaks to regular, every-day Joe Six Packs and Joe Plumbers, and does it with sincerity and grace.  She does not have to pander, to talk down to the average American, because she is one of them, not one of the elite.  It is this that scares the elites such as David Brooks, Kathleen Parker, David Frum, and now, sadly, Peggy Noonan.  I fear that Peggy has become more comfortable doing the rounds on MSNBC, and being the token conservative on that network and in the Drive-By Media elite. 

We’ll miss you Peggy.  We hope you’ll find your way back again someday.

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Chris October 17, 2008 at 9:58 pm

A very sad fall from grace. Ronaldus Magnus, whom she should and has thanked for her rise, is probably rolling in his grave.


Jon October 26, 2008 at 3:15 am

Agreed! How sad that the woman who wrote the “Tear Down This Wall” speech is now supporting a hardly disguised socialist agitator for President of the United States. Peggy has clearly lost her bearings.

Palin may be giving stump speeches like every candidate does at this stage, but beyond the question of her underlying “deep political thought”, her points on the stump happen to be correct! She is obviously intelligent and tough to be bearing the media’s savage treatment with grace and humor. The fact that she hasn’t proven herself by attending hundreds of cocktail parties in Manhattan or Georgetown doesn’t mean she isn’t smart.


Cecil October 31, 2008 at 12:35 am

Peggy didn’t write the “tear down this wall” speech, that was Peter Robinson. Nonetheless, I think we need to put out an amber alert for Peggy. I fear she is in an abandoned well where nobody can hear her screaming and William Ayers has hijacked her nom de plume.


gdixon November 4, 2008 at 11:03 am

Add George Will to that list. He is the prototypical country club Republican. I think these people really got offended over McCain’s comment about the Georgetown cocktail parties.


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