Buchanan’s Finger in the Wind

by Ryan on October 18, 2008

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Pat Buchanan believes that an Obama Nation would be one at war with itself.  In his latest article, Southern Florida’s pretty popular 2000 Election Reform Party candidate, expresses his opinion that since America is still a center-right nation, an Obama Nation lurching towards the Left would constantly be struggling with its identity versus that of the whole nation. 

Democrat buyer’s remorse during the primaries and the notion that Obama’s success has little to do with Obama and more with the economy makes Buchanan believe that a national backlash against The One could be substantial over the next four years.

In my opinion, this election has been close or in Obama’s favor because McCain has yet to take full advantage of Sarah Palin’s strengths as an energy candidate, nor has McCain successfully given the American people a reason to vote for him rather than against Obama. 

Listening to Larry Kudlow on WABC this morning a listener called in with a populist question whose concept, I believe, hits a nerve on Main Street:  Why is it that the Dems continuously threaten that old people’s Social Security and Medicare will be cut, but never mention cutting the welfare rolls? 

Answer:  Not the most pressing issue at present, but easy — old people vote, poor people don’t, so scaring poor people makes no electoral difference. 

However, I believe this conceptual premise resonates with Joe the Plumber/Main Street-types opposed to the bailout who believe that in tight financial times people who get a free ride or a bailout should not be immune from the consequences of their bad decisions.  I’m not saying that McCain should campaign to dump everyone off welfare, but the message is one angle which can easily connect Obama’s 95% tax cut plan as the welfare give-away plan it truly is:  if you don’t pay taxes why should the government give you extra money and how could you possible qualify for a tax “cut”?  That’s welfare.  McCain should repeatedly pound that message home and champion the Middle Class if he is to gain ground in the important swing states over the next two weeks. 

The Obama Nation alternative seems to be a future which looks more like Buchanan’s multifacted political war between various Democrat factions on the Hill and in the White House, a fiesty group of opportunistic and obstructionist Republicans ready for Liberal heads to roll, and the center-right nation the “10%” Dems seek to lead down the path of socialism which the people don’t want.

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