I Too Hope We Never Find Out

by Mike on October 25, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

Let Freedom Ring is now running a series of campaign ads as part of their Never Find Out campaign.  The following ad is what I see as the most effective because it succinctly explains why higher taxes on those with higher incomes negatively affects those in the middle class.

The ad is right.  What liberals never understand and what conservatives rarely explain is that no tax decision can be viewed in a vacuum.  Americans from different backgrounds interact all the time, including in the business world.  Consumers give money to businesses in exchange for goods and services, businesses give money to employees to enable the businesses to provide their goods and services to the consumers, etc.  It’s all interrelated and higher taxes, even if “limited” to those with higher income, affect us all.

Sadly, the “Middle Class” ad offers a better condemnation of higher taxes than John McCain.  Then again, every Republican candidate except Fred Thompson fell short of the Let Freedom Ring standard.

As for this ad, I just thought it was funny.

FYI, these ads are running in Battleground states.  Check out their other Never Find Out ads and contribute if you’re so inclined.

H/T:  Wizbang

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Ryan October 26, 2008 at 10:02 am

As we look back at this election, I wonder if your point about “Never Find Out” making a better economic case against Obama than John McCain has will be very important. Either McCain doesn’t know enough about economics to connect these dots, his people don’t know economics so they wouldn’t think of the principles in these ads, or McCain’s trying to run as a economic populist in the face of the evidence, as well as against a better articulated (though totally wrong and dangerous) position by his opponent.

One of the points of 527s is to say things that the campaign can’t, or to reiterate major points by groups outside the campaign apparatus (a helping hand of sorts). So when I see these very basic and effective 527 ads doing the job of the campaign, it’s bothersome.


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