Israeli PM Livni Calls For An Election

by Mike on October 26, 2008

in Israel,Politics

Barack Obama isn’t the only politician with an unusually strong sense of entitlement.  Tzipi Livni, leader of Israel’s Kadima Party, could probably give Obama a run for his money.  After months of trying to become Israel’s Prime Minister without an election, Livni acknowledged the inevitable and called for the general election she so desperately tried to avoid.  According to Livni, she called the election because

. . .it became clear that everyone and every party was exploiting the opportunity to make demands that were economically and diplomatically illegitimate, I decided to call off (talks) and go to elections.”

Nonsense.  She didn’t call for an election based on other party’s policy demands.  She called an election because the other party leaders wouldn’t simply hand over the Premiership.

As you may recall, Livni won the Kadima leadership election last month to replace Ehud Olmert, the corrupt Prime Minister who previously half-assed a war against Hezbollah.  Following her election, Livni asked other party leaders to accept her as Prime Minister in a unity government.  After opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu called for an election and Livni failed to form a government, President Peres granted Livni a time extension within which to form a government.  Once again, Livni failed and it is now almost certain that there will be an election.

If Obama indeed wins the U.S. Presidency, though the race is awfully close for one that’s supposedly over, there will be a stronger need than  ever for a voice of moral clarity in the world.  Benjamin Netanyahu would provide that voice.  Then again, two voices are stronger than one; let’s make sure we elect John McCain just to be on the safe side.

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