Nabbing al Qaeda in Syria

by Ryan on October 27, 2008

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In cross-border raids yesterday from Iraq into a border-town in Syria, word has it that Abu Ghadiyain, a significant al Qaeda planner of operations in Iraq, was nabbed by US forces.  Iran and Russia condemned the attack, but the Iraqis were not apologetic — they knew where the bad guys were. 

I think the US decided that since we’re in a position of strength in Iraq now, we could flex our muscles a few miles over the border into Syria, where 90% of foreign fighters bleed into the Iraqi Theater of Operations (ITO).  Syria has an evil dictator at its helm and one thing evil dictators respect is strength, so I don’t plan on hearing much from Syria since they know what position they are in — caught red-handed, politically isolated, and militarily weak.

If we become an Obama Nation next week, I’m going to miss these little moments.  The US military has very large “cahones”, especially when dealing with terrorists.  I’d hate to see our “cahones” stuffed in a mamby-pamby liberal lock-box for the next four years, but that may very well happen (after Joe Biden’s inevitable international crisis of course). 

So for now, I’ll enjoy the occasional tough show of force in the face of terrorist supporters in the Mideast.  It’s something I’ll miss when GWB is out of office.

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rightonoz October 27, 2008 at 9:20 pm

While we all know I didn’t and still don’t agree with the supposed legality of the Iraqi invasion, one right must never be questioned.

The right of any sovereign nation to cross a border and kick the crap out of any terrorist that hides in the next nation. Next… Look to the East of Iraq and teach the Revolutionary Guard a lesson if needed.

I hope against hope that if Chairman Obama and his dictatorship of the proletariate take power that free nations continue to hunt terrorists wherever they hide.


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