The Flip Side of Operation Chaos

by Mike on October 27, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

We’ve all seen reports of conservatives who plan to blame Sarah Palin in the event Barack Obama wins next week.  According to the American Spectator, some of the people stirring such nonsense are connected to former Mitt Romney staffers who now work for the McCain campaign.  Normally this type of story can be easily dismissed as unsourced gossip, but the Spectator is pretty credible and it is Mitt Romney we’re talking about.

During the primaries, gossip website Politico ran a false story on the day of the Iowa caucuses that Fred Thompson was planning to withdraw from the race.  Shortly after that hit piece, Bob Novak, another credible source, reported that Mitt Romney’s people were behind the smear.  It doesn’t take two behind-the-scenes stories to tell us how sneaky Mitt Romney is though.

Throughout Romney’s career, most of his policy positions have miraculously morphed to match those of whichever constituency he needed at the very time he needed them, his pro-choice to pro-life, back to pro-choice and then back to pro-life again flips being the most embarrassing.  Now its true that many politicians shift emphasis and even positions on some issues to get ahead, but most are at least governed by some level of conviction.  Not Romney though.  His chameleon past leads me to believe the Spectator today as I believed Novak then.

We all know why Romney would want to undermine Sarah Palin. Although the polls are tightening and McCain still has a good chance to win the election, an Obama is more likely at this time.  The spotlight Palin received this year and the crowds she attracted make Palin a force to be reckoned with in 2012.  I would prefer she lead the ticket as a sitting Vice President.  Either way, Romney is threatened and needs a way to overcome Palin.  Undermining the Republican ticket isn’t the way to do it though.

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