Global Warming Gone Missing in New Jersey!

by Ryan on October 28, 2008

in Anything Else

It snowed in New Jersey today. 

We were supposed to get rain. 

We did.

However, the catch was that it got too cold to stay that way.  The transition started while one of my classes was taking a World War II test.  Anyone who’s ever been a kid knows that whenever it snows in school kids act like they’ve never seen it before, their eyes are full of hope and promise of an early end to the day, and it is very VERY hard to get them un-distracted from the wondrous celestial event.  As a teacher, it’s something I get ready for in late November/December. 

But, it’s not even Halloween for goodness sake! 

I want my Global Warming!  Some students needed a review session, my Republican Club had their last meeting before the election, and we had a cool “Guitar Hero” competition tonight.  But NO… all that was cancelled because of too much SNOW in OCTOBER!!!

I suppose my only recourse will be to write a strongly worded letter to George Bush, complaining that he turned off his insidious Global Warming Machine MUCH too early this year.  Can that man do anything right?  First , only a few hurricanes this season, then no major earthquakes of note, now no Global Warming when I was counting on it?  This is the proof that the Bush Administration really is checking-out early.

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