Credit Card Fraud from Team Obama

by Sal on October 29, 2008

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Mark Steyn of NRO has spent much of this week breaking the story of the Obama credit card donation scandal, yet another scandal that the press refuses to cover.  What has been discovered is that Barack Obama’s $600 million intake is fraught with fraudulent transactions that could have easily been prevented with some simple safeguards that are standard in the online e-commerce industry. 

Roughly 75% of contributions to the Obama campaign have come from online credit card transactions at the Obama website.  These include not using the AVS code on the back of a credit card for verification, and not verifying name and address information.  This allows significant credit card fraud to occur, and also allows multiple “names” under a single credit card number, thus potentially inflating Obama’s coffers with illegal contributions. 

The scam has included such things as donations from one Adolfe Hitler, of “#1 Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany, as well as a woman named Mary T Biskup of Manchester, MO, who had her credit card charged with many small donations, totaling $174,800 (the legal limit per person is $2,300.  Mary Biskup, however, has never donated to the Obama campaign.  As Mark Steyn points out: 

This very generous donation was not billed to her own card, but to someone else’s – meaning (as the Post says) “someone appropriated her name”.  Ah, but who? And, if just one unwitting front is responsible for 175 grand of the Obama take, how many other Mary T Biskups are there out there?

As a software engineer, myself, I have been involved with designing and building several e-commerce sites.  The AVS, name, and address security checks are standard in e-commerce sites, and are easy to implement.  In fact, Hot Air points out that the lack of security measures likely required a conscious and deliberate effort on Team Obama’s part

The fraud displayed above was easily preventable, and should have been caught by the Obama campaign.  It leads one to wonder how much of Obama’s coffers is filled with fake money?  This has the makings of a huge scandal, but it is unfortunately one that will not rear its head before next Tuesday in any meaningful fashion, as the media refuses to cover anything that is potentially damaging to Barack Obama.

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UPDATED..WaPo: Obama Taking Illegal Donations UPDATE: Will Media Report Palestinian Campaigning for Obama from Gaza? | Right Voices
October 29, 2008 at 4:21 pm

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