I Live on THAT Park Bench

by Ryan on October 29, 2008

in Election 2008

American democracy is officially in rough shape.  To complete the final pre-election taint of the vote in Ohio, US District Court Judge Edmund Sargus said that not only could homeless people vote, but that accepting a rough estimate of the park bench or heating grate as their address is acceptable.

Here are a few questions I have:  Is there any proof that the bum in question is a citizen?  How about being a real resident of the bench in question?  Is there a rule about migrating to a few benches (multiple residences) depending on the cop on the beat that night?  Is another bum going to be present to vouch for the validity of the claim of residence in case a discrepancy may arise? 

Those are the absurd questions asked to underscore the ridiculousness of the court’s decision.  However, here’s a potentially scary question: What’s to prevent shady college Dems from safe New York or even Republicans from safe Kentucky from pretending to be bums and fill out a provisional ballot on Election Day?  Right.  In a critical, tense race like this year, why wouldn’t this judge’s horrible decision open the door to welcoming chaos all over Ohio?  Did Sargus think this through past the populist “everyone should be able to vote” point of view?

This kind of legislative and judicial recklessness is what set up the conditions for “Bleeding Kansas” back in the 1850s.  That’s what happens when extremists crash the polls to affect an election outside their home state meet each other street somewhere in the target area.  Ohio is not Kansas-Nebraska (yet…), but I wouldn’t rule anything out when it comes to extreme actions in Ohio this year. 

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Ken October 29, 2008 at 4:24 pm

That judge’s decision is retarded. American citizens that don’t have a home residence that are eligible to vote would need a different identifying system, but a park bench? Come on. The homeless that are american citizens that are eligible to vote are such a fringe group. Besides, this would only further the potential for further fraudulent votes and voting practices. It would be very ironic if suddenly the homeless population soared.


Tyler359 October 29, 2008 at 8:44 pm

Ironic? No, unfortunately, predictable.


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