Whatever You Do To The Least of My Brothers…

by Sal on October 31, 2008

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One of the areas of liberalism that really irks me is how the Liberal elite is so hypocritical regarding their so-called “concern” for the poor, and their “compassion.”  Barack Obama is the quintessential example of this. 

At the Saddleback Churcn forum, Obama described as America’s greatest moral failing its failure to live up to the passage from The Gospel of Matthew, “Whatever You Do for the Least of my Brothers, you do for me.”  During some of his speeches, he’s used the phrase “I am my Brother’s Keeper, I am my Sister’s keeper.”  Today, Obama has decried the opposition to ”spreading the wealth around” as “selfishness“:

Yet with all of Obama’s arrogance, he cannot take care of his own.  His half-brother Bernard lives in a hut, making $24 a year, and now his aunt Onyango, of whom Obama wrote extensively in his autobiography, has been found living in a slum in Boston

Why should I pay more of my hard-earned money to the Government at Obama’s insistence, when he can’t even “spread the wealth around” to his own family?  Obama makes far more money than I do, yet he can’t even help out his half-brother and his aunt? 

This highlights one of the main issues with Liberals.  Liberals expect the government to do everything and Conservatives help their fellow man in need on their own accord, as those in Red States give a much higer amount of money to charity than those in blue states

Barack Obama, those of us who don’t want to pay taxes are NOT selfish.  We just want to decide how and where our money that we earn goes, and want to be able to make ends meet rather than have the government soak us for every penny that we have.  When you add federal, state,and local taxes, sales taxes, social security, “hidden” taxes (such as price increases due to corporate taxes), gasoline taxes, property taxes, and every other tax out there, the average American pays nearly 50% of their income to some form of government.  That sickens me.  To call not wanting to pay more “Selfishness” by someone who doesn’t help out their own family is the epitome of liberal elitism. 

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Allan February 25, 2009 at 2:38 pm

This is all very unpersuasive. Finding fault in Obama doesn’t indicate his statement isn’t true and valid. People don’t always completely live up to their values. You and I don’t either I imagine. Whether we help the least of us through government programs, charity, who, when, how much, what mixture of help… is debateable but you avoid the question: shall we feel and act more responsible for each other? Because the fact is, if money is considered helpful then the gap between the moneyed and needy has widened dramatically.


SMoc July 31, 2009 at 11:00 pm

Don’t want to pay Taxes? Don’t call 911. Don’t drive on our roads and highways. Don’t use the phone. Don’t use the schools. Don’t call the city to fill the pothole. Don’t turn on your faucet and expect clean water. And on and on it goes. Practice logical consistency and patient intellectual integrity rather than emotionally hatefilled political rhetoric. It is not helpful in the end to you nor anyone else. Especially if you call yourself a Christian and use the name of Christ. Christ would not recognize the political parties that use Him as a vehicle to vent self-righteousness and judgement towards others.


Sal August 1, 2009 at 11:08 am

SMoc, the federal government has no role in any of the things you mentioned besides roads and highways. 911, schools, and potholes are all state and local issues, and these are essential services that I and most other Conservatives have no trouble paying for (although your phone example is rather odd — phone companies are private companies, not taxpayer-subsidized). The truth is, if the government were left to essential services as envisioned by the Constitution, taxes could be at or below 10% for everyone. Yet now they approach 50% to pay for unsustainable, wasteful programs.

And it also appears that you have a rather poor understanding of Christianity. Christ Himself, and His disciples after Him, were quick to point out sin in the world and were not afraid to take on evil and injustice. I am not hate-filled, I just think it is a terrible injustice that the government can steal over half of what a person makes. Taxes are necessary, governments are necessary, but our big, over-arching federal government has become wasteful and intrusive, and that is a wrong that needs to be righted.


LVitt August 30, 2009 at 12:06 pm

Jesus was a Liberal.


Esther September 4, 2009 at 6:56 pm

Why are earth would you believe investors over our government.
Private Ins. keep their costs down so they can use 34% of each premium dollar to pad thier wallets and marketing.


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