Mark Steyn’s Election View: Obama in 2-D

by Ryan on November 1, 2008

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I just finished reading Mark Steyn’s controversial book America Alone which deals with how European-style “social” democratic institutions have ruined the economy, military and culture of Europe to the point where two trends are set in motion which may permanently destroy Europe as we know it:  a lack of children being born to support the growing welfare state, and a willingness not to demand immigrants assimilate, even catering to their sometimes harmful non-Western ways.  

The book’s main thesis is that America, part of Western Civilization, has pushed these European trends back and thusly has remained powerful, relevant, and armed with a demographic future… that is, one party in America still believes in that kind of America.

We are on the verge of electing that other party into power on Tuesday, and since I’ve been jazzed about Steyn’s book I was pleased to see an opinion piece written by Steyn today

He believes that to many Americans Obama exists in 2-D:  hope and change are cool terms articulated by an attractive package (2-D), but what to they mean and what’s Obama shown he’s done throughout his career (3-D)? The basic anti-Obama message.  Steyn basically sees that Obama is all show and slogans, with a very European-style substance he hasn’t been hiding lately.  I’ve always felt that Obama’s campaign since Iowa has been very 20th Century European-style personality cult-like, which makes me apprehensive given Obama’s openly European ideas about the economy and use of the government.

It’s a great article written in Steyn’s entertaining style and is relevant.  It just seems that at this stage of the game, all we are hearing is singing to the choir, and important points and last arguments aren’t being listen to by an open-minded public.

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