McCain Does SNL and Olbermann’s Best Episode Ever

by Mike on November 2, 2008

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After losing to Bill Clinton in 1996, Bob Dole appeared on Saturday Night Live and won rave reviews for making fun of himself and the process.  Conventional wisdom at the time was that if Dole had displayed that kind of humor before the election, the race would have been much closer.  Even Bill Clinton admitted as much.

Last night, John McCain appeared on SNL and was pretty funny, mocking Obama’s infomercial and media reports of a rift between he and Sarah Palin.  Here’s McCain:

The race is going to be close anyway, but at a minimum, McCain’s performance won’t hurt him.  As funny as McCain was though, the highlight of SNL (at least the part I watched, and they couldn’t have topped this one), was Ben Whofleck’s impersonation of the always mentally stable Keith Olbermann.  Like most comedy, the Olbermann skit is funny because it’s true.  Enjoy.

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