Get Out and Vote!

by Sal on November 4, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

Today is election day, andarack  it is important to everyone to get out and vote.  Today’s vote is the only poll that matters, so don’t let any polls, predictions, or pundits get you down. 

Just to boost confidence a bit, the polls have been wrong before, and can be wrong again.  In 1980 (hat tip to Rush Limbaugh), no one predicted the Reagan landslide.  Polls either had the race “too close to call”, Reagan up by a point or two.  In 1998, the New York Times and some other polls had Dukakis leading by several points by Election Day, only to lose 53-46.  As recently as 2000, most polls gave Bush a 3-5 point lead, only to have the race end in a dead heat.  Even Democrats, when the polls were against them in September, were criticizing the unreliability of polls

This is not to say that the polls are necessarily wrong.  But what it should say is that the polls may not be right.  The Mason-Dixon polls still show a large number of undecideds in the Battleground States.  Pray.  Get out and vote.  Let’s prove the pundits wrong, and win this thing.  Go McCain-Palin!

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Chris November 4, 2008 at 8:40 am

At least McCain is on top of things with absentee military votes.


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