Conservative Republicans Back in Opposition

by Mike on November 5, 2008

in Election 2008,Politics

Barack Obama is now the President-Elect of the United States.  For that, he deserves to be congratulated and subjected to an honest and spirited opposition.  By “spirited opposition,” I don’t mean the kind of insanity and dishonesty we saw out of the left for the last eight years.  I mean the kind of opposition that is fact-based and delivered with passion and/or humor.  This is easy for conservatives because we do not view politics as the only reason for living, a kind of substitute for religion.

That’s because conservatives have faith in people.  Sure, we’re going to pay more in taxes, but we’ll be OK because we know that our success is determined by a combination of our own talents and work ethic, not by which party occupies the Oval Office.   We do not suffer from the delusion that a politician, no matter how misguided, is even capable of living our lives for us or disrupting our everyday lives in any way.  Our well-being and happiness, as Rush Limbaugh says, is not determined by who wins elections.  We know that every person is the master of his own destiny; that is why we are conservatives in the first place.

That said, I am worried about the Supreme Court and the victims of abortion, not to mention the thought of our courageous soldiers who will be forced to salute a President they cannot stomach.  That is why we must oppose the next President with every fiber of our being when he proposes counterproductive policies.  We will.

There will be another election in four years and we must do everything we can to ensure that the Obama Presidency will only last one term.  In the meantime, we will work hard, enjoy life and be happy.  Our success is not determined by who win elections.  That’s why our opposition to Obama will not transform into one of the many derangement syndromes suffered by the left.  We know better.

The Anchoress, as always, is a great example for conservatives, and Gateway Pundit is all class for congratulating Obama for making history.  Even in opposition, I’m proud to be an American.  Country first.

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Sal November 5, 2008 at 10:20 am

Great sentiments, Mike. I may object strongly to his worldview and policies, but we as a movement cannot fall into Obama Derrangement Syndrome. We must stand and oppose his policies strongly and offer alternatives, but at the same time, we need to show the Democrats what being a member of the loyal opposition is all about.


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