Obama’s Impending International Crisis

by Sal on November 5, 2008

in International Relations,Politics,Russia

Boy, that didn’t take long.  Obama gets elected President, and we are already seeing Vice-President Elect Joe Biden’s prediction of a pending international crisis coming true.  Russian President President Dmitry Medvedev announced today that Russia would be deploying missiles along the Polish boarder in response to our deployment of missile defense in Poland.  At the same time, Medvedev congratulated President-Elect Obama. 

I mean this when I say it.  I sincerely hope and pray that Obama has the ability to deal with this and other international crisis’.  As mich as I disagree with him, soon he will be our President, and the stakes are too high for failure in this area.  It is a dangerous world out there, and I fear we have been living in a bit of a bubble in regards to all the threats that are out there during this election cycle, as they have been overshadowed by the economy.  May God be with us.

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