Ryan’s Take on Last Night’s Debacle

by Ryan on November 5, 2008

in Election 2008

For the record, I believe Sal is right on with his critique of the failures of Republicans to embrace the time-tested Conservative path to victory, and I also firmly agree with Mike that our innate happiness should not be determined by the outcomes of elections.  I can’t really add too much more to the discussion except my opinion.

First of all, when I woke up this morning I realized that I am not suffering from “Obama Derangement Syndrome” nor will I.  That’s good.  I’m not crazy, just let-down and temporarily set-back. 

That being said, our task is large: this was the biggest national victory for the Dems since 1964, which also includes the first Democrat popular vote majority for President since 1976 — figures, we did just give the nod to Jimmy Carter’s second term. 

We also elected the first (half) black President in US History: therefore it is an historic election.  Not a landslide, but certainly decisive (you have to be in the 400 EV club for me to consider any election a landslide). 

We also just elected a man of whom we know less than any other candidate (let alone President-elect) in history.  He could be a Marxist, he could be a true centrist.  Who knows?  The electorate certainly doesn’t, though some of us have suspicions about his leanings.

One potentially good sign was that only 18% of the electorate were 18-29 year olds yesterday.  With all the Obama fever and his get-out-the-vote youth initiatives, that’s only up from 17% in 2004 [pdf] — one percentage point despite all the effort.  The Millennials basically still played video games, went to class or work instead of voting, just like 2004.  I’m not a fan of their voting patterns thus far, especially since the youth are typically the most ignorant voting bloc because of a lack of experience or understanding what paying real taxes means.  Anyway, most of those Kool-Aid drinking college brats who voted Obama will be paying some of those taxes by 2012, so that may shake up their pattern a bit.

In sum:  It was bad, I’m not crazy yet, we have a lot of work to do to undo this mess, and young people are still pretty unreliable for now.  Time to look ahead to 2010.

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