Where’s The Rest of the Story Mr. Cameron?

by Mike on November 5, 2008

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The smears against Sarah Palin continue.  Earlier today, Fox News’ Carl Cameron gleefully “reported” a number of claims about Sarah Palin that are designed to undermine her future in the Republican Party.  According to Cameron, Palin did not realize that Africa was a continent, repeatedly threw temper tantrums, was a shopaholic, and answered hotel doors in nothing but a towel.

Cameron’s anonymous sources for this gossip supposedly come from inside the McCain campaign.  Since the stories are essentially gossip, it begs the question of which McCain campaign staffers spread the gossip.  We know that there was speculation even before the election that Mitt Romney’s former staffers were using unproven gossip to undermine Palin in anticipation of 2012.  This is consistent with Bob Novak’s report that Romney’s people were also behind the Politico gossip piece against Fred Thompson.

There’s no way to know for sure whether Romney is trying to undermine Palin from behind the scenes.  Given his propensity to stretch the truth, and the fact that he changed his position on the issue of abortion on four separate occasions, I believe Romney’s people are behind this.  For this reason, Romney will never earn my vote.

As for Carl Cameron, his reports this evening were shameful.  Not only did he mention this filth on the air, but he also reported the claims as facts while failing to question the motives of those with an incentive to simply make things up.

Video via Hot Air.

UPDATE: I think I’m on board with Red State’s Operation LeperMichelle Malkin is also all over this.

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Chris November 6, 2008 at 12:29 am

Very, very shameful on everyone’s part, including Romney.

These people do not realize that Sarah Palin helped get Conservatives on board with McCain’s campaign who would have not otherwise supported him. As a result, she kept it closer. Had it been someone else on the ticket, including Romney, we’d be talking a 400+ Electoral Vote landslide by Obama. When it comes out that Romney is behind this (and I think he is…maybe McCain and Huckabee were on to something when the double-teamed to get him out of the primary), his presence in the party will wane…he’s not winning any points with me right now.

Sarah Palin deserves our thanks and we have definitely not seen the last of her. She’ll go back to Alaska, win re-election and in that time, we’ll hear from her again; very, very soon.


Ryan November 6, 2008 at 10:40 am

I have to disagree with you Chris on a Romney selection for VP being a disaster. I think that if McCain picked Romney, there would have been initial rumbles since McCain and Romney tore each other up in the primaries, but the financial meltdown changed the whole dynamic (a dynamic where Palin’s freshness was helping us big-time), as the polls clearly indicated from September 20 to October 15.

In contrast Romney’s business savvy would have been on display for those three weeks, rather than McCain’s indecisive “gimmick” of returning to Washington or the MSM mantra of Palin’s inexperience — two things a Romney pick would have muted to some degree.

I still don’t think McCain would have pulled it out. Heck, I held my nose anyway WITH Plain on the ticket, because at the end of the day McCain was on the top of the ticket and would have been the one who governed, despite Sarah’s credentials. I’m not saying Palin wasn’t a needed shot in the arm, but I’ve heard from many Republicans and moderates that Romney pick would have made more sense. I still disagree with that premise as things stood in early September, and I loved the Palin pick and will still defend her.

These stories from the McCain campaign are despicable. But I do agree with you, Chris, I think Romney’s out of the picture in 2012 anyway. The Republicans will nominate Jindal or another man of color to run against Obama in 2012, bending to political pressure to “out-minority” the Democrats, but nominating a solid conservative while at it, which is very cool. Unfortunately to the mainstream Palin may have been successfully “Quayled” beyond repair. We’ll see though, it’s only November 6th.


Mike November 6, 2008 at 11:09 am

Palin has been “Quayled” as far as the MSM is concerned, but fortunately the numbers do not agree. Palin could go either way based on future performance.

As for Romney on the ticket, we can all agree that he would have added assets and liabilities unique to him. One thing he would not have added though, is decisiveness.


Nancy November 6, 2008 at 12:59 pm

It’s so good to read your views regarding the way Carl Cameron is spreading vicious gossip and presenting it as a news report. I agree with you wholeheartedly that it is filth and he did appear to be gleeful as he smeared Sarah Palin.

I did not know that these people were former Romney staffers. That explains a lot.

My husband and I don’t usually agree on politics. He’s more libertarian that I. But he and I agreed that if McCain had picked Romney, there was no way I could vote for him. He changed his core values the same way he changed his suits – to suit the occasion. Untrustworthy.


Mike November 6, 2008 at 1:58 pm

Thanks Nancy, but as I stated in the post, I don’t know that Romney’s people were behind this. It’s only my best guess based on Romney’s past behavior.


Sal November 6, 2008 at 2:37 pm

I feel less strongly about Romney than Mike does, but don’t think he would have made much of a difference in this campaign. People vote the top of the ticket, not the bottom. The real crux of the matter is that McCain could never get an overarching theme of why people should vote for him instead of just against Obama.


Chris November 6, 2008 at 4:07 pm

A Romney pick may be viewed by some as more practical, but he would have gotten as much flak, if not more, than Palin. I don’t debate his prowess in business, but his judgement in government, as well as the validity of his positions, would have come into question to attempt to distract the campaign. While heavily unfair, they would have hit hard on his Mormonism and would have also questioned why he didn’t run for re-election (that never looked good to me either) for MA gov. Furthermore, we would have heard the mantra about two white guys on the top of the Republican ticket while in the Democrats, an African-Amercian is the canidate, and a woman and Hispanic ran for the nomination. That would have drowned out the Repubican message (when they clearly articulated it).

I reiterate, I loved the fact that Sarah Palin was on the ticket. She was a refreshing voice for the party, re-established the Conservative base in the party and inspired many across the country. When she spoke at rallies or in unedited interviews, she was on fire and articulated McCain’s positions better than McCain or anyone on his staff. She was, unfortunately, not used in the best interests of the candidate. She should have done Rush, Sean, Mark and other talk radio shows in her first week, she should have been all over FNC early and stayed away from edited interviews…she would have done well on any Sunday morning talk show as they are all live. She should have addressed energy much more and, heck yeah, even brought up ANWR. I do believe she will be back and I hope and pray that she will be at the top of the ticket in 2012.

If not Sarah Palin, I would love to see Bobby Jindal at the top of the ticket! He has done a good job as LA Governor (handled a hurricane much better than Blanco ever did) and served successfully in Congress. Jindal also embraces Conservatism. And an added bonus, we’d be reminded about how Joe Biden holds prejudices against Indians.


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