The Coming Liberal Storm

by Ryan on November 6, 2008

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We’re in it pretty deep.  Listening to Rush today, he read from an article written by Quin Hillyer for the American Spectator about the trouble we’re in for 2010 and 2012; it’s very enlightening and scary at the same time, and worth repeating as well. 

Hillyer argues that since unabashed Libs now control so many levels of power, they will be ruthless in their erosion of things like the “filibuster”, in their support of the “Fairness Doctrine”, in protests against ACORN or abortion as “civil rights violations”, and in a court stewing in an “evolving standards” philosophy.

Unlike the defeats of 1964, 1974 or 1992, this group of ideologues will be much tougher to defeat because their messenger is so politically attractive and the Republicans are so fractured.  The playing field will so tilted that a quick political recovery without intervening events is less likely in today’s climate than it was back then.

I hope Hillyer is wrong, but the article uses instances that are completely viable given this group of ideologues in office today.  I can see manufactured and real setbacks abounding to slowly usurp power for the sake of solving the current economic crisis, an incessant Internet campaign to harass even members of Obama’s own party (getting in their faces if necessary).  It’ll be a tough slog, especially given the Republican in-fighting taking place today and catalogued below.  As Hillyer notes, “we haven’t yet found our Omar Bradley.”

Washington Post photo.

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Chris November 6, 2008 at 4:11 pm

The 30 year mistake begins now and Republicans must be smart in opposing the future legislation.

If I remember correctly, Obama attempted to welcome those who did not support him into his administation, but appartently, as in every speech he reads, that’s all show. Rahm “Don Corleone” Emanuel is now the new Chief of Staff. This is interesting for so many reasons, some of which Rush articulated today, but most of all, he is a partisan who was quoted as saying “Repbulicans can f*** themselves.” I can’t wait to see who is going to be on the cabinet (and hope the Republicans can oppose and challenge in the best way their numbers will allow).


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