Political Expediency Over Principle

by Sal on November 7, 2008

in Politics

Thssace Democrats always tend to put political expediency over principle.  One of the rumors for Obama’s cabinet is the possibility of Sen. John Kerry as Secretary of State (ugh).  His leaving his Senate seat for the cabinet would cause a Senate vacancy.  Four years ago in Massachusetts, when Mitt Romney was governor and Kerry was running for President, the state legislature changed the law before the election, so that Senate vacancies were filled by a special election within 120 days of the vacancy.  This was done to prevent Romney from appointing a Republican to the Senate in the case of a vacancy.  At the time, it was proposed to “provide a more Democratic solution” to a vacancy. 

Now that Deval Patrick is governor of Massachusetts, and Kerry’s seat may again be vacant, Patrick and some Massachusetts lawmakers are considering legislation that would revert back to having the Governor select the replacement, thus preventing a Republican from even running for the seat.  So much for a Democratic solution. 

Democrat Principles:  Always there until they are inconvenient.

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