Blue-Dogs Seek Leadership

by Sal on November 8, 2008

in Politics

One of the reasons that the Democrats won the Congress in 2006 is that they ran moderate-sounding Democrats in Red states.  The trend continued in 2008 as they picked up another 20 seats.  Now the Blue-Dogs are asserting themselves by demanding a seat at the leadership table in the House. Says Rep. Allen Boyd (D-Fla.), the leader of the Blue-Dog Caucus in the House:

As the moderate faction of our caucus has grown and contributed to our large majority, our leadership must have more moderate voices at the table if we want to continue to be successful, strong, and effective as a caucus.

This may be an opportunity for the GOP over the next two years.  The Moderate Democrats have to worry about their seats in what will probably be a typical off-year election in 2010, where the party out of power traditionally gains seats.  The GOP, if they play this right, can probably peal off some Blue-Dogs on key votes to try to stop some of the more liberal legislation to come out of the chamber.

The dynamic is not going to be easy for the Democrats.  Governing in single-party rule, as the GOP found in 2004, is not easy.  When the blame cannot be placed on someone else, different factions within your caucus may revolt from time to time.  The Republicans need to plan their attack and make sure they take advantage of this potential split.

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