Obama’s First News Conference

by Ryan on November 8, 2008

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Surrounded by a throng of economic guru’s the typical Imperial “Remember thou art mortal!  Remember thou art mortal!” mantra was lacking from the ears of Emperor Zero during his first news conference yesterday, as he performed meekly in my opinion:

  • He dodged answering too many specifics on the economy.
  • He acknowledged that the economy is a critical issue, but did not have a Treasury Secretary lined up (you’d think that’d be important for the populist hero)
  • He was a typical slow-moving, deliberative Senator in his responses, making the short presser even less substantive.
  • And worst of all he confused Nancy Reagan with She Who Must Not Be Named, while trying to mock Nancy Reagan!

That’s some nerve for a guy who got less Electoral Votes than Bill Clinton in 1996 to suddenly have the hubris to mock the elderly wife of the late Ronaldus Magnus in his first press conference!  Remember it was SWMNBN that “channelled” Eleanor Roosevelt, while Nancy sought scheduling advice from an astrologer after her husband was shot and nearly killed!  It’s not something to joke about and Zero did apologize to Nancy for the gaffe.

This first presser got D in my opinion for its lack of specificity, it’s half-hearted hubris, and it’s mocking of Nancy Reagan.  The only reason why he didn’t fail in my book is that he didn’t immediately embrace the congrats letter from Ahmadinejad.  Believe me, I want Obama (or anyone who’s President) to do succeed, but I just don’t think he will while keeping our institutions, our economy, and our interests safe.  This was not a start that exuded confidence in his abilities.

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Chris November 8, 2008 at 12:08 pm

I hope somebody could tell me why Jennifer Granholm (sp?) (Gov of MI) is good enough to be an economic advisor when she had led the longest single state recession in recent history?

He ignored Fox News and when the questions shied away from what kind of dog he’s getting for his kids and into policy, he cut loose. I too, in the interest of the US and our troops, want him to succeed but as a result of this presser, along with his policy positions, I’m very, very nervous about the next four years


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