Sarah Palin Post-Election Interview

by Sal on November 8, 2008

in Politics

Reporters showed up in Alaska as Gov. Palin returned to work as Governor, three days after the election.  In this interview, she touches on the vicious rumors circulating around about her, Sen. Ted Stevens, energy independence, and the role of Alaska in American politics.  The interview is insightful, and shows how when Sarah can be Sarah (without all of the prep), she does just fine in press interviews.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of her in American political life over the next four years. Whatever her role in the future, she is definately one of the GOP’s rising stars.

I also apologize in advance.  The only site that had the full, uncut interview was MSDNC.  All other sites had only highlights.

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Chris November 8, 2008 at 10:07 am

A very good interview! We’ve seen with Sarah Palin that she does best in live, unedited interviews with interviewers who let her talk. Now that she doesn’t have the campaign deteriming interviews, she can consistently do what works for her best.

Greta’s going up to AK on Monday to interview her actually.

Two more things:
1) John McCain was far from the perfect Conservative candidate, but the one thing he did that I am thankful for was propel Sarah Palin into the spotlight by placing her on the ticket. I’m sick and tired of hearing the drive-bys say how she weakened the ticket…she strengthened it!
2) I really, really hope she runs in 2012. Sarah Palin truly has the potential to carry on the message of Ronald Reagan’s conservatism. She may very well be my candidate for 2012.


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